Since Jessica, our owner was a little girl you could find her in the wee hours creating "potions" in her kitchen. Jessica is also obsessed with baths and bath products, her mom knew and taught her that the healing powers of water could calm and soothe any mood and so when Jessica is anxious or in need of some creative inspiration she can often be found in a bath infused with some magical concoction of herbs, oils, flowers and scents. 

Finding her spirituality in witchcraft and having sensitive skin, a desire for chemical-free bath and beauty products, brought Jessica to the world of lovingly handcrafted bath and body products. 

Jessicas has the ability to hyperfocus on topics she enjoys because of her ADHD, Jessica spends most of her time researching the properties of plants and other natural ingredients. Jessica and the Buttercake ethos is to bring tthe message of self-care and self-love to the world.
Jessica uses her knowledge to lovingly create beautiful, cruelty-free, vegan products to help others in their journey to discover their version of self-care and unapologetic self-love.  

Self-care might not just be about baths and beauty regimens but it sure is a lovely and enjoyable part of it.